Music for your Workforce

The Business Membership Scheme is an employee benefit providing 1-2-1 online music tuition and services to employees of businesses of any size.


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The scheme provides tangible benefits to your employees as well as your business through an affordable, personal service.


Music education has been shown to have a number of positive effects on people of any age. It can increase creative thinking and decrease stress and anxiety. It helps employee retention and acquisition as well as allowing your employees the opportunity to discover the music in them.




Employee Retention
Employee benefits schemes have been shown to keep talented staff in their roles for longer as they expand the opportunities they have access to while working at their organisation.


Employee Acquisition
Businesses need to be competitive to ensure the best candidates apply for the roles. Employment benefits which impact personal opportunities encourage a broader range of people to apply.


People who are happy in their employment have increased productivity. Music training has shown an increase in listening, perception and neural encoding as well as memory and auditory attention*.


Tax Incentives
Our business membership is an employ benefit and therefore can be set against corporation tax. It can also be set against the employees tax but any taxation is decided entirely by the business itself.


Various funding opportunities for health, wellbeing and so on can appear which allow businesses to apply for specific budgets from local authorities or finding bodies.


Nurturing Creative Thinking
People who engage in creative education have enhanced creative thinking in both their personal and professional lives.


Discounted Access to our Music Services
As a client of Music Sound Academy your business will have the full access to our music and sound services for use by your business, whether that be for your own podcasting, bespoke music composition for your brand or even live for your corporate or team events.




The Opportunity to Learn
For many people learning an instrument is a dream come true. If they can access the opportunity to do this as an employment perk they will have more engagement in the business they work for.


Family Benefits (25% off)
Any of their family members have a 25% discount for their own music lessons through Music Sound Academy.


Mental Health and Wellbeing
Listening to and learning music can reduce stress, anxiety, bloody pressure as well as improving their mood and a feeling of fulfilment*.


Soft Skills Development
From becoming better team players* to encouraging increased confidence, music tuition has been shown time and time again to enhance soft skills in people of all ages.


Structure and Routine
Having a dedicated music session each week can provide a strong sense of routine and structure for people to offset the sense of imbalance that meetings and a changeable workloads can cause.


Work/Life Balance
The divide of work and life is becoming more and more blurred so encouraging employees to pursue personal endeavours is a great way to help them divide their time effectively.


Full Access to our Website
Employees will have full access to our music website with pages and pages of information and videos to help them along as well as to satisfy their curiosity.


Online Tuition Access
Lessons are online so can be accessed anywhere there is a robust wifi connection. If they have an instrument themselves lessons can be taken at home and if not we can provide instruments and practice spaces (see below)




Individual employees
£99 per employee per calendar month. Each employee will have 3 lessons per month (set out in our annual semester plan) payable on the 28th of the month for the month ahead.


Block of 5 Lessons
Blocks of 5 lessons are available at £150 per block. These are used as each lesson is taken. We invoice the business each month with the current block renewals with the dates the lessons were taken by the employee.


Scalable Discount
A discount on multiple employee packages is available for 5 or more employees taking up the subscription or block payments. This discount is applied to any subsequent employees added to the scheme.


Employee Trial (2 Lesson Taster)
A trial membership is available for £49.99 available to each employee. This entitles the employee to 2 lessons.




Office Music Spaces
We can provide a music space in the office to take lessons or play an instrument in the form of a sound proof booth which fits into most spaces with instruments installed and complete with tablet screen for lessons (Wifi required for office space lessons).


Encourage Flexible/Office Working
Whichever direction your business goes, online music lessons can encourage flexible working where lessons become part of the working routine in the week. Whether that’s in an employees own space or a space in the office (see Office Music Spaces).


Instruments Provided
If an employee doesn't have the instrument they want, they can be provided for £10 per month on lease from Music Sound Academy. We can also provide free advice on purchasing instruments from seleced suppliers. 


Vocal Health Assessments
We can offer regular vocal health assessments with our own vocal first aid professional. Perfect for people who need to communicate clearly and not worry about injury or vocal damage.

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