EACH 50 POINTS REACHED  = £20 to charity OR a £20 voucher for you!
A maximum of 4 milestones can be taken each term.
Milestones are awarded after a tutor has assessed them.
🏆 SINGLE AWARD = can be awarded once
🏆🏆🏆 MULTIPLE AWARD = can be awarded multiple times

Our  SCALES & ARPEGGIOS  Milestones are designed to teach and assess practical performance of basic fundamentals. We use pairs of keys and exercises appropriate to the instrument you are learning. These are practical milestones, however they are complimented Theory milestones.

Our  PERFORMANCE  Milestones are designed to teach and assess practical performance of pieces of music of varying difficulty. We have different awards for pieces of different difficulty level as well as to compliment the Grade assessments by ABRSM.

Our  COMPOSITION  Milestones are designed to guide and assess the application of composition techniques. We use lengths of composition as a benchmark and encourage focus on the application of theory to writs well structured, thought through pieces.

Our  THEORY  Milestones are designed to teach and assess theretical tools and concepts. We have a variety of different focus areas to consider from vocabulary to scales and arpeggios. We believe that a strong knowledge of theory can underpin success in Scales, Arpeggios, Composition and Performance.

Our  MINI MUSIC MILESTONES  are designed for younger musicians to help them get to the point where they can take on the main milestones. As a guide we suggest children benefit from these up to the age of 12, however every child is different so take a look and see if they work for you!